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Empowered to Empower

After years of working in gyms, for several fitness managers, and along side many trainers, all with unique styles and approaches to 

health and fitness, this brand was created with the intention of pursuing total wellness for each of my clients. As a trainer, what motivated me the most was my clients success and their enjoyment of creating a new, full life. There's nothing more rewarding to me than seeing a client finally fit into that dress, squat "heavier than their college max," or finish first in a competition that meant a lot to them. I would create relationships with my clients and learn about their goals, not only in the gym, but their personal dreams, struggles, insecurities, and fears. I've always felt that something major was missing in my training and had such a fire about me when it came to motivating my client in every aspect; yet while working for gyms, I was limited to only the physical. However, showing my clients that they can be that person that they've always wanted to be is the reason that I got into this industry to begin with! From here, with a heart so full of passion, I began my college career in physical therapy and am now pursuing my PhD in Biomechanical Engineering with a minor in Psychology. I will always be learning more and developing myself to become a better coach for my clients. Overall health and wellness of mind, spirit, and body should always work and grow together. To be genuinely "healthy" and "well" you need more than a fit body. I want to explore and navigate the 8 aspects of wellness with you and to help you find your unique state of thriving. The goal for my clients is to help them perfectly envision what will make them completely whole, and to run after it with them. I want to empower them and their bold lives will empower others. Together we will revolutionize what it means to be "doing well."

Certifications and Qualifications

  • Base College Education in Physical Therapy

  • International Sports Science Association Graduate

  • Personal Trainer + Nutritionist

  • Lifestyle Transformation Coach

  • Health and Wellness Coach for Athletes, Injured, Youth, Elderly, and Pregnant Mothers.

  • Group Fitness Trainer

  • Motivational Speaker

  • CPR and First Aid Certified

Jess Skinner
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