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Today is warm and sunny. Using the word “warm” is rare for me in this cold, foggy city, so you can trust that it holds some weight. I’m currently at work, feeling blessed with the opportunity, with plans to have a picnic lunch at the park. My tea is hot, my belly is full of a delicious breakfast, and there isn’t a thing that I can come up with to complain about. “Just one of those days” I guess. Even my hair is staying in place.

I’m reading a book right now that recently mentioned cynicism and how often we’re guided by it. So maybe today’s goodness is simply of my efforts to ignore the cynicism I find around me? Regardless, I’m not taken by it and consciously search for hope. A cynical natural is brought out by naive optimism, which in time often becomes broken optimism. We’re let down by others, the world, life, whatever it may be, and we take it personally. As self-centered humans, we set expectactions for ourself and our world and our life, and when it isn’t and doesn’t go as expected, we take offense.

Remember that genuine, deep, thoughtful breaths can change a mood. Consider where you are in your life and in your day. Bring yourself back to the simplicity of it. Be hopeful and joyful on purpose and because there’s reason to be. Find that reason and trust it! Doubt and cynicism will diminish even your chances for a good day. Don’t waste your energy assuming there are ulterior motives, no reason to hope, or doubting your own happiness in a moment. Breath, feel, and be right where you are.

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